How does the entire process work?

Once you submit the required paperwork, and your deposit is received by Lightning Auto Carriers, the transport of your vehicle will be scheduled according to the dates on your shipping order. After a truck has been assigned, you will receive a call from the driver to schedule the pick up time and date. When the driver picks up your vehicle, he will do a detailed inspection of your vehicle on the Bill of Lading. You will both sign this form and you will receive a copy. The same Bill of Lading will be present on delivery so you can re-inspect the car. The driver should again call you in advance to schedule an approximate time for delivery. The transporter will take every precaution to deliver you vehicle without incident; however, if damage should occur, you must report this damage upon delivery on the Bill of Lading. It is important that you and the transport driver sign this document. Claims cannot be processed by our insurance company if damage is not noted at time of delivery.

Is my vehicle Insured?

Yes, all carriers are fully insured to meet State and Federal DOT regulations. As previously mentioned the truck driver will fully inspect your vehicle on both ends of the transaction. Upon delivery it is your responsibility to inspect the vehicle for any damage during transit. You must have documented the damage on the Bill of Lading and have the driver sign it. Once the documents are signed the transport is complete. The insurance company will not process any claims that are documented after the signing of documents.

Will my vehicle be on multiple trucks?

No. At Lightning Auto Carriers we specialize in single truck transports. This means the carrier that picks the vehicle up will be the same carrier that drops it off. Once it’s loaded on it stays on. This is the safest, fastest way to ship your vehicle.

What is the difference between an open and enclosed carrier?

An open carrier is open to the elements of nature. Open carriers are normally what is used to move new cars from the manufacturer to the dealership. Open carriers vary in size and capacity. An open carrier is the cheapest way to ship your vehicle. Enclosed carriers are fully covered throughout the transport so they are not exposed to any weather or road conditions. Enclosed carriers are normally reserved for higher end exotic/classic vehicles, thus being more expensive than an open carrier.

How long will it take to ship my vehicle?

Depending on the pickup and destination locations, delivery time may vary. Time of year and weather may also have an impact on the length of time required to ship your vehicle. Normally east to west is 7-14 days. North to South is 3-7 days. Wherever your destination, you will be given an accurate estimate of pickup and delivery dates and times.

Is there an Expedite progam?

If the situation arises where you need your vehicle to move quickly we have a program that will guarantee a pick up within 72 business hours.

How far ahead should I schedule my transport?

It’s safest to schedule your transport 5-7 days before your desired pick up date.

Am I able to put belongings in my vehicle?

You are able to put 100 lbs of belongings in your vehicle for your transport. However any belongings in the vehicle are not insured by carrier insurance programs. Absolutely no firearms, weapons, illegal substances, or contraband is to be put in the vehicle. Trucks are subject to search at every state line.

How do I pay for my transport?

There is a deposit that is put down to reserve a spot on a carrier. The deposit amount varies with the size and weight of the vehicle. The remaining amount is paid COD to the driver upon delivery. The driver will accept cash, certified check, or money order for all COD’s.